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Renee's Gay/Lesbian Gifs Collection
Rainbow Gifs , page 1
Rainbow Bars/Lines, Page1
Rainbow Bars/Lines, Page 2
Pride Gear, Page 1
Pride Gear, Page 2
Symbols, Page 1
Love and Romance Gifs, Page 1
Love and Romance, Page 2
Love and Romance, Page 3
Love and Romance, Page 4
Homepage Gear, Page 1
Home Page Gear, Page 2
Sexy Stuff ;-). Page 1
Sexy Stuff ;-), Page2
Dollz Page
Dancing Animations, Page 1
Misc. Gifs and Animations, Page 1
Misc. Gifs and Animations, Page 2


Hello Family and supporters!!!

I have collected into these pages some Gay/Lesbian/Rainbow GIFS. I have also some good Gifs Links for you on my LINKS PAGE. All these animations/gifs are FREE to download. Just RIGHT CLICK the gif and SAVE it.

I hope you find something good for your homepage from here :-).

I will add more gifs. Come back soon and check 'em out :-)





Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site. I do believe all the gifs on these pages are FREE. If not, ( if I violated some copyright laws ) please let me know and I remove those gifs immediately.

You can e-mail me at

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